Meet Joyce!

Joyce Heisen of Casual Candids

Bucks County native Joyce Heisen started her photojournalistic-style wedding photography business in the late 70’s.  Originally a Jersey girl,  Joyce and her husband of 51 years, Peter, settled in Yardley.

We at Perks Philly wanted to learn a little bit more about Joyce Heisen, how she started Casual Candids photography and what makes her tick.

Casual Candids Wedding

What made you become a wedding photographer?

“I love Love! I love the romance, the costumes, the flowers, the decorations, the excitement, the emotions and the delicious food! I love people abandoning themselves to celebration and cheering the affection and commitment that a couple give each other. My favorite story as a little girl was Cinderella and I still marvel at how her sweetness and persistence got her the prince. I love to see each man and woman get their own royal companion and to think that I can be right in the middle of it sharing their joy and recording it forever!”

Philadelphia Weddings

How long have you been doing this?

“O Lord, I tell people not long. Only 40 years. But my excitement has never diminished. My abilities to record intimate and fun-filled days have been supplemented by newer equipment and lots of practice, but I still get goose-bumps when I see that bride walk down the aisle!”

Wedding Photojournalist

What’s been the most challenging thing about running your own business?

“The buck stops here. I am responsible for what all our photographers create and record and I have to juggle lots of different personalities. So many factors affect the success of a wedding coverage: the personalities of the bride and groom, how the photographers relate to them, the weather, the light, the venues. Most of our clients make our jobs a true pleasure, but some need more hand-holding. I have found over the years that to approach each situation calmly is best because we truly want to please!”

What advice do you have for young photographers wanting to get into the wedding photography industry?

“The wedding photography industry can be very lucrative, but when you figure out how much you work compared to how much you make, that information can be discouraging. And there is more and more competition all the time to further dilute those bucks. So you must have a passion for recording weddings to make it worth your while. Maybe you can make more money doing other things, but the best wedding professionals I know absolutely love what they do. And you know what they say: if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. That is the truth!”

What’s your favorite thing to do when you have a free weekend?

“My two favorite things to do other than being with family and friends is walking my outrageously rambunctious English Springer Spaniels (they are an acquired taste) and going to the movies. Give me a movie about love and romance or a captivating adventure flick any time!”

Casual Candids Pictures

What are you most proud of?

“Personally I am most proud of my family. My son, daughter and husband have each chosen to do exactly what makes them happy in life while giving to others, and I think that is a well-lived life. Professionally, I am proud of my photography passion. I was born after World War Two, and my father, who loved taking pictures, named me Joyce for the uplifting spirit in our country. Photography has reinforced that joy in my life. It has added beauty to this world while giving my clients the gift of a special day well-recorded and their own story well-told.”

What’s your favorite local hot spot or restaurant?

“I am definitely not a hot spot person, but I do love excellent food well-prepared. My favorite restaurant right now is surprising because I refused to try it for years because of its name: The Saloon. It is right next to my favorite nail salon, Hollywood Nails ( I live most of my shopping life in Newtown) and thought The Saloon must be a dive. Not so, it has the best martinis (also I am not a drinker but can’t resist their DELICIOUSLY flavored martinis- one will put me on my ear), and lovingly prepared and flavored dishes. I have never been disappointed there. Most restaurants that my husband and I go to disappoint after a while. Never the Saloon, but we live in fear that it could……….”

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Find Great Coupons for Local Philadelphia Businesses!

Tell us what you love about living in Bucks County!

“I love the sense of freedom: fresh air and room to walk, run, breathe, and drive without too much traffic. I love the old buildings, and devotion to farming, preparing wonderful food, raising animals and children that I see all around me. I love the canals that my dogs can swim in and watching the Delaware River swell and recede. I love the sense of history and art in Bucks County and the people who tolerate yet another quirky person- me!”

Lahaska Wedding, PA

To hire Joyce and the Casual Candids crew, give them a call at 215-493-6792 or email them at and, to see more of their work, head on over to Casual Candids.


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